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I lost all my pregnancy weight using 3 Easy Secrets.

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Lose Your Pregnancy Weight In Just 10-12 Weeks!

Have you ever wondered how some women are able to bounce back from pregnancy so quickly? Is it genetics or do they know something you don't?

Take a look at my bikini picture below. Is this just good genetics? NO! I come from a family plagued with obesity. In fact, in my early twenties, I weighed over 200 pounds! I wanted to be fit and healthy, but I didn't want a life consumed by diet and exercise. At that time, I had to make a choice; figure out a solution or be miserable with my body. So I did!

I found a fun and easy way to change my food cravings and figured out how to make exercise fun!

In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution eBook, you will:

You will never again have to choose between spending time with your baby or spending time at the gym!

Quote Robin In Bikini

Before starting any workout program, you should determine what results you are aiming for. It is never a bad idea to check out the body of the woman who developed the workout too! If she has muscular legs or thin arms or a nice rounded bottom, well, you may be working toward the same result. Ask yourself, do I want to become very muscular? Do I prefer a lean look? How toned would I like to be? These are all important questions to ask yourself because I want to make sure you will be happy with the results of the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution!

I have always had a hard time buying a workout from someone who is a personal trainer for a living. Their job is to be at the gym! They exercise with people all day! How would a personal trainer know how to balance fitness with an office job plus a baby? Or to get dinner on the table, the laundry done, have playtime with a baby, and keep a tight butt too?

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In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, we are aiming for a toned and slender body. We will build a strong core, arms, legs and butt. We will create a toned and shapely body, however, we still want a little flesh because that is sexy! We will build a slender form and toned muscles that highlight our feminine curves. We will not be aiming for advanced muscular development or working our bodies at extremely strenuous levels. I am a sexy woman not a fitness junkie. I do not want to look like I can bench press a truck or complete squats next to the meatheads at the gym. What about you?

I want you to be healthy. I want you to be strong. I want you to be confident. I want you to be hot! If that is what you are looking for, this easy to follow workout, and the website www.HotMommyHappyBaby.com.

Your sexy Hot Mommy body is waiting for you! Take it!

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You had a baby and that is fabulous!

I bet he or she is absolutely adorable, right? Is she cooing yet? Or is he crawling? Maybe she has a few, new teeth? Or has his cute babble evolved into his first word?

You and your body have taken a fantastic journey. However, as you know well at this point, this journey was not without sacrifice. Your body accommodated your pregnancy by adding weight and changing your shape. Luckily, with the right attitude, this will be a very temporary inconvenience. Just as your pregnancy, the childbirth, and the precious months of infancy have been a memorable and exciting journey, so will your path back to your ideal body!


Although you are now filling the incredibly important role as a mommy, why not have the best of both worlds by making the woman behind the stroller HOT?! Robin With Baby On LapYou can have the best looking figure of your life AFTER giving birth! I do! After having my son, I finally developed the toned and contoured arms I had always wanted. My abdominals are tighter and sexier than they ever were and I love showing them off! My butt is shapely and sexy! People often talk about "getting your pre-baby body back." Well, that is wonderful, but you can get it back and beyond! It can be easy and fun and I cannot wait to show you how!

So, ladies, enjoy your body! Your baby is here. Your body made your baby. Now your body is more than ready to reward you for this incredible task. All it needs is some attention and the right mindset. So grab a mirror. Smile. Maybe toss your hair. If you are really obnoxious (like me!) give yourself a wink! Then I want you to say, "Wow. I'm fabulous!"

Fantastic! Let's get moving.

Do you want to be the HOT woman that every mother envies?

Can you handle all the adoring looks you will get from men?

Does throwing out your gym membership and playing with your baby instead sound great?

Are you ready to enhance your bond with your adorable child AND get an amazingly HOT body at the same time?


Let's face it; with all the demands on our schedules, it can feel utterly impossible to budget time and energy toward getting in shape. In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution eBook, you will get HOT with fun, easy and timesaving exercises and nutrition advice while creating valuable bonding time with your baby!

Robin In Suit

As a very busy mother, I juggled a demanding full time job and graduate school with motherhood. My body was important to me, but I was so tired with all the demands from my schedule, that I found it hard to set aside a block of time to workout. More importantly, with the time spent away from my baby at work and at school, I simply couldn't bear to be away from him any longer.

Frustratingly, my post baby figure was not accommodating my desire to spend any free time with my son instead of at the gym! I remember feeling my tummy rest against my lap every time I sat down for months post birth. I didn't like it! After all, I was that naive girl who brought her pre-pregnancy jeans into the hospital with her to wear home. I laugh about it now, as the journey back to my pre-pregnancy shape was a little more complicated than simply giving birth.

Once I hit the six week point and my doctor gave his approval for me to begin exercising, I started going to the gym for some light weight training and mild cardio on the treadmill. I hated it. I hated being away from my baby after spending so much time at work and school! I hated how complicated it was to arrange for care in the evening. I hated not bonding with my baby during the evenings while I was away. I even hated the boring workout.

I struggled with the balance between caring for my infant and working on my figure until one particular workout when it all came together!


I was at home, attempting to do some sit-ups and had placed my baby in his baby bouncer. I lay next to him, determinedly trying to get through a workout sequence before he became fussy. Inevitably, he started to fuss a few minutes into the workout. I knew if I stopped the workout it would be twice as hard to get the motivation to start again. I really wanted to finish my sit-ups but wanted to comfort him just as badly.

It was at that moment that I came up with the solution! I found the answer to not only finish my sit-ups that day, but the answer to my entire workout dilemma! It was the moment I came up with the solution that led me to my Hot body! It was the solution that kept my baby happy, engaged and giggling, and allowed us to bond while my body thrived.

What did I do? Order now to find out and get HOT!

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Does it sound too good to be true?

Take a look at these pictures of me in my early twenties with an extra 65 pounds! At my peak weight, I was 205 pounds and a size 18. I hated it! I wanted to feel sexy and confident in my own skin. Who would have guessed that this same woman would be turning so many heads just a few months later!

Look at me today! I am eight years older and look better than ever! I have kept the weight off and was able to find a fun and easy way to make my body even more fabulous after my pregnancy!

Are YOU ready to be the woman who turns heads?

Do you think you can't because of where you are starting from? NONSENSE! Look what I did! It is so achievable! Let me show you how!

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Before we get to my solution, let's talk about you! How are you feeling about you after becoming a mommy? Becoming a Hot Mommy is just as much a mindset as it is a physical transformation. Whether this child is your first baby or your fifth, the adjustment it takes to care for an infant is substantial. It is important to find a new balance that accommodates the needs of your baby, any other children you may have, your significant other, your job or other responsibilities, and YOU!


Many women have a hard time finding the right balance between being a mommy and holding onto that sensual part of themselves which helped to create their baby's life while maintaining a loving and healthy partnership. Robin LiftingHot Mommies understand that in order to be the best mother possible, they need to balance their physical and emotional needs with their baby's.

As women we can be so overwhelmed by these other responsibilities that we forget to take care of ourselves. Remember that in order to be a Hot Mommy and ultimately have a Happy Baby, it's very important not to let [insert your name here] be forgotten. You are now "Mommy", but you are also [insert your name here], and she is amazing! Let's talk about her! A woman who loves her body is a powerful person. She walks around with confidence and ease. She inspires admiration from others. I love being a woman. I love having hair to toss around. I love having breasts to push up with the right bra on a night out. I love having legs to show off with a great heel. Most of all, I love that my body has created life. So ladies, embrace your womanhood and your motherhood and never forget the following equation.


Ready to make your man melt?


Few things in life are more striking in life than a beautiful woman holding a happy baby. If you think about all the famous pieces of artwork over centuries of human history, you will see that history agrees with me! Men have been mesmerized by beautiful mothers as far back as we can possibly research!

Are you ready to join that club? Come on, Hot Mommy, it is just few steps away! Your man won't know what hit him! And if you are single, watch out world!

And it is so easy!


When you purchase the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, you will also receive these 6 Bonuses FREE! To create the most balanced Hot Mommy possible, you will receive bonuses that cover Nutrition, Parenting, Beauty, Relationships and Fitness for a TOTAL HOT MOMMY PACKAGE valued at $198!



10 Minute Bikini Ab Bootcamp

In this video, I pair with Julie Comer of FitJulie training, to give moms like you the tools they need to get amazing, toned abs. From beginner to expert, we have a customized series of ab exercises that will leave you with tight, flat bikini abs in just 10 minutes per day.



21 Easy Tips to Making Smarter Food Choices as You Age

Eating right is so important to our health and beauty! Making the right food choices actually prevents premature aging! Food and Aging Expert, Krizia of Eat Smart Age Smart, gives us 21 easy tips that will make getting HOT and staying HOT even easier!



What You Need to Know About Your Baby's World and How to Help Them Explore It

We have all heard that the first years of life are pivotal to development. Written by a renowned author and esteemed psychiatrist, this bonus will teach you simple yet important tools to shaping your child's early development years and creating a happy, well-adjusted child. Remember, Hot Mommies love Happy Babies!



The Busy Woman's Guide to Skincare Basics

Healthy skin is so important to enhancing our beauty! This bonus, written for busy women like you, takes the stress out of maintaining healthy, glowing skin. Let's top that Hot Body with a glowing complexion!



101 Romantic Ideas

Ladies, this one is for HIM! You worked so hard to have that super cute baby and now it is his turn! Let him reward you for creating your Happy Baby and your Hot Mommy Body by following these adorable and romantic suggestions! Come on, you deserve it!



Hot Mommy Happy Baby Exercise Tracker

Make your workouts a cinch by tracking your activities on these easy to use and customized exercise sheets. After all, working out with the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution is so fun, you may need to prove to yourself that you actually worked out!

So how does this lead to a Happy Baby?

Baby Quote

By feeling great about you and finding a workout routine that includes your baby, you will help satisfy your baby's primary needs. Your Happy Baby will not think that your interactions are intended to enhance your fitness. He just knows you are playing with him. She just realizes you are loving her.


No matter where you are starting from, if you follow the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution's lifestyle and workout suggestions and adopt the right attitude, you will be successful. So grab your adorable little fat burner (a.k.a., your baby!), and let's get started!

You already know that it is fun. You already know that it works. What have I left out?

It is so simple!

In fact, it is as simple as getting a manicure! See for yourself!

This fun and practical workout is split into three stages. To help us better visualize the transformation, I have titled the stages to correspond with another fabulous event we are all familiar with. A manicure!

Phase One: The Base-ics


A proper manicure always starts with a good base coat. As most of us know, applying this coat before the polish promotes healthier nails and prevents unnecessary damage such as splitting and peeling. Similarly, when starting a new workout, it is essential to strengthen the core muscle groups before undergoing more strenuous activity.

In this phase you will start to see some body contouring and an increase in your cardiovascular health. You will begin to feel stronger and more energetic.

Phase Two: The Polish


The purpose of the polish in a manicure is obvious. It changes the appearance of the nail and makes the owner of the nail feel confident and glamorous.

The most noticeable transformation your body will undergo during the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution will happen during this phase. You will notice a decrease in weight and significant increase in muscle tone and body shaping.

Phase Three: The Finish


The Finish, or topcoat, in a manicure is used to add shine to complement the polish as well as to protect the polish from chipping and wear. It is the finishing touch to highlight the lovely, new color to the nails.

In the Hot Mommy Happy Baby Fitness Solution, this phase focuses on fine tuning your muscle tone and body contour to perfection as well as maintaining your ideal weight.

You CAN do it! You WILL do it!

In each of these three phases, we will cover three key areas to success. These are:

Boy Quote

Once we conquer a phase, we will take what we learned and strut forward to the next level. Don't forget, just as following the proper steps is important to the outcome of a manicure, it is equally essential to do so as we transform our bodies. How would it look to apply your base coat over your polish? The same goes for our bodies. Let's not go from zero to one hundred with our diet or exercise. We will do it sequentially. We will do it right. Most importantly, we will have a blast! When we do it right, we will definitely acquire our prize! The Hot and fabulous you and your Happy and fabulous baby!

And to make the Exercise portion even more fun...

We also get four extra pieces of information with each exercise, including "Baby Talk", which is full of great tips on early language development! So you get to exercise, bond with baby, and teach your baby at the same time! Fabulous!

Take a look below for a description of these fun info bits you will be reading with each exercise!


Hot Mommy Tip

These are exercise, fitness and strength tips from me!


The Scoop

When I get together with my best friends and we have our girl talk, we call it "Scoop"! This section is the girl talk between Hot Mommies! Please join us!


Rudolpho Says

This is where you will find your instructions on how many reps, sets and the frequency of each exercise. Rudolpho is what I call my son when we exercise together. Sound silly? Good! Silly is fun! When I was younger I used to work out with exercise DVDs. On one of them, the trainer's name was Rudolpho. I began calling my son by that name; after all, he was there to get me into Hot Mommy shape! So, just as Rudolpho was my trainer, he will be yours too!

Baby Talk

Baby Talk

Why just get Hot and connect with your baby when you can also be working on early language development? Baby Talk will provide you with fun and educational words to say to your baby to build his or her early language skills!

Ladies, I trust you are ready for phase one! So do me a favor please. Visualize your nails before a manicure. Old polish is removed and your nails are soaked in warm water, neatly filed, and cleaned off so they are ready to start fresh, as if their past is washed away. So do the same for yourself and your workout! Clear your head of preconceived notions, excuses to fail, and any other negative thoughts about who you are, what you look like, and what you think you can't achieve.

Let's Get HOT!

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